WHAT ARE Topless Sandals

3 Stages of Nude SandalsImagine flip flops that don’t flip or flop. Instead, our nude sandals simply cling to your feet, without the need for an ugly thong between your toes. Gone are all irritations and blisters, and suntan lines.

Pedicures are protected, as are your feet from the dangers and heat from the ground below. In this fun fashion item you feel like you are walking on air.

How Do They Work?

Step on and then simply walk away with these amazing sandals. They have a clever water based adhesive that is designed to stick to your foot, but not come off on your skin.

They are meant to be fun, and should be treated as such, but they need a little more tender loving care than most shoes. A daily brush in soapy water should remove dirt and dust as well as refreshing the adhesive.

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